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Place/Home is a series of still  life  images  of  a  family  home  located  in  the  outskirts of Paris. This house has been in the same family for generations. It contains objects and memories of lives lived and lost. The objects suggest stories and emotions unavailable to both the photographer and the viewer of the photograph.   Just as photography records light reflecting off a surface, traces of the present are ingrained on  the  surfaces  of  tables,  on  walls,  and  in  the  objects  themselves:  in  the  dust,  scratches,  cracks  and  paint.  Marks  of  the  past  lie  more  specifically  in  the  objects’  shadow,  in  the darkness:  the  place  that  neither  the  eye,  nor  the  mind,  can  clearly  see  or  understand.  All  that  remains  is  the  contours,  the  frame.  Stillness,  then,  is  not  only  present  in  the  ‘still’ photograph but in the inanimate nature of the objects themselves. Place/Home explores the depth of time and the unknown or unsaid through the contrast of light and darkness, clarity and the hidden. These aspects co-­‐exist within one image as they co-­‐exist  within  the objects themselves, creating a multi-­‐layered  narrative  that  can  only  be  imagined by the viewers themselves. 

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